23 February 2010


Sophy for Tico produced by Tito Puente from 1969.
Only my second 7" feature here at OIR but it sets the scene for my next set of posts which go deep into the latin sound of the 60s & 70s.
I just love this gorgeous slice of breezy latin replete with bossa rimshots written by the great Tite Curet Alonso.Sophy belts out the vocal backed with strings,horns,vibes and even a cuica in the mix! Quality assured with the mighty Tito sitting in at the production desk.
Killer !

20 February 2010


Les DeMerle for United National Records from 1976.
Les DeMerle-Drums;Dido-Congas;Don Menza-Sax,Flute;Jim Coile-Sax;Rex Robinson-Bass;Ramsey Embick-Keyboards;Ronald Muldrow-Guitar;Ralph Bickert-Trumpet.
Super heavy funky fusion recorded live at Howard Rumsey's gaf in Redondo Beach.
Some great banging tunes but the killer cut is the 100m.p.h. bomb "Daggerpoint" which sounds like Barry Miles on amphetamines !

1 February 2010


Gene Shaw for Argo from 1965.
First posted at OIR in 2006.

One of my favourite lps this is a real beauty on Argo from 1965. Gene Shaw leads a great group including Charles Stepney on Vibes,Richard Evans on bass and Ed Higgins on piano-it also features Richard Evans as composer and arranger.As the tile suggests it's a series of pieces with a real south of the border flavour which work beautifully.I won't pontificate on about this gem just do yourself a favour and down load it.Highly recommended.
Hard to track down on vinyl I picked this up on a Japanese cd some years ago.Needless to say thats been long deleted.
All Killer - No Filler.