24 June 2010


Rainer Pusch Quartet for Software Music Germany from 1981.
Rainer Pusch saxophone ;Klaus Wagenleiter piano Thomas Stabenow bass ;Mickey Kersting drums

An interesting acoustic session from Germany lead by Rainer Pusch with an electric energy to the rhythms that's somewhere between American soul jazz of the 70s, and some of the German fusion of the period particularly that inspired by Brazilian jazz.
Best known for the version of Pascoal's "Mixing" which was a ballroom banger for Paul Murphy back in the day.A couple of cuts were also featured on Rainer Truby's Glucklich compilations.
A tough one to track down in vinyl format this was reissued by Creole Stream Japan for a blink and miss it CD reissue some years ago.
Aller Killer Kein Füller.

5 June 2010


Martial Solal plays Michel Magne for Ducretet Thomson France from 1968.
Composer - Michel Magne ;Piano - Martial Solal;Double Bass - Gilbert Rovère;Drums - Charles Bellonzi; Arrangements - Jean-Claude Vannier

Magne had been working on film soundtracks for years when a Pathe Marconi producer named Jaques Poisson suggested to Martial Solal that it might be interesting to put together an album based on Magne's compositions.Solal,himself a brilliant soundtrack composer,agreed.Magne brought to the project two critical parts - his compositions and a young arranger bubbling over with unusual ideas by the name of Jean-Claude Vannier who would go on to a creative partnership with Serge Gainsbourg and record "L'enfant Assassin Des Mouches".in 1972
Vannier discussed the "Solal Joue Magne" session before recording commenced and Magne gave hin carte blanche with it and to take a direction that was "dazzling and unhinged".Magne knew that Vannier's taste for organised delirium matched his own and this was reflected in accelerating the tempos here and there,breaking off the rhythm, dropping in short horn solos and creating a system on one piece where everyone improvised over a single note without any harmony.

As Johnny Trunk says :" The best way for me to describe it is jazz but played in a sort of avant garde soundtrack way. So just as you think you understand it you don’t."
And it is,of course:
Tout le tueur aucun remplisseur!