1 October 2010


As you will all know from my previous post Impressed 3 was good to go until Universal pulled the plug on it. Compiled single handedly as a labour of love by Tony Higgins (who had previously put together Impressed 1 & 2 with G.Peterson) this third volume was shelved by Universal and nobody would have been any the wiser ...if Tony hadn't left a comment at my Stan Tracey post mentioning this fact. So I posted up the track listing and Don Rendell's notes courtesy of Tony and got a stack of comments and a lot of interest.
So now here's the good news - Tony Higgins has sent me a CDR of Impressed 3 pulled together from his original vinyl and given the go ahead for it to be made available here at Orgy In Rhythm ! Tony has also sent me two collages which he put together to be used for the artwork on the intended release along with a superb set of copius sleeve notes about each featured track and Don Rendell's previously posted intro essay. I have included all of these in the download file and also used one of the collages to head up this post.
So big big thanks go out to Tony Higgins - please leave a comment to show your appreciation for all the work he has put into this magnificent compilation and his decision to share it with us.


1.Collin Bates Trio - Brew
2.London Jazz Four - Song For Hilary
3.Tubby Hayes Quartet - Finky Minky
4.Don Rendell - Euphrates
5.Vic Lewis - Last Minute Bossa Nova
6.Kenny Wheeler - Don the Dreamer
7.Ralph Dollimore - Spikey
8.Dick Morrissey - Sunday Lunch
9.Quincicasm - Trent Park Song
10.Ronnie Stephenson / Kenny Clare - Caravan
11.Johnny Hawksworth feat. Hampton Hawes - Jazz Rule
12.Dick Morrissey - Storm Warning

And I'm sure I don't need to tell you that it is of course