14 January 2013


Major Surgery for Next UK from 1977.

Tenor Saxophone – Don Weller  ;  Guitar – Jimmy Roche  ; Drums – Tony Marsh  ; Bass Guitar – Bruce Collcutt

First post for 2013 and the first time out in blogland for this obscure privately pressed Don Weller led  session recorded at Virtual Earth in London '77.
Here's a few lines lifted from discogs by ultimathulerecords:
You don't get much quality jazz-rock/fusion from the UK in the mid-late 1970's, as most bands went either too schmaltzy or got too funky, or worse. So this was a surprise. At first I thought maybe Don Weller's sax was a bit too dry, but he cuts it well against the solid rhythm section. Mostly the structure reminds me of German bands of the same era, Morpheus, Munju, Moira, etc. Although there are references to Nucleus and Isotope. A nice one! 

1 January 2013


Tubby Hayes For Fontana from 1970.

Derek Watkins, Greg Bowen, Tony Fisher, Ian Hamer : Trumpet ; Keith Christie, David Horler, Bill Geldard : Trombone ; Roy Willox : Alto sax ; Tubby Hayes : Tenor Sax Flute ; Bob Efford : Tenor , Woodwinds ; Alan Branscombe : Piano , Vibes  Percussion ; Louis Stewart : Guitar ; Ron Mathewson : Bass ; Spike Wells : Drums ; Plus Harp, 8 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos.

Tubbs goes poptastic on this date from 1970 on which he arranges and conducts a selection of "the better popular tunes" of the day with the help of Harry South and Les Condon.
Don't think this ones been out in blogland before so here's another first at O.I.R. and the last for 2012 !
Happy New Year !!!